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At ACE Dental of Hewitt, we are passionate about educating families in our community on issues that impact their oral health and smile. Our blog offers a wealth of helpful information on common oral conditions and provides answers to some of our most frequently asked dental questions. Explore our blog today to learn more about dental implants, family dentistry, emergency dental care, and other services performed at our Hewitt, TX dental practice!

How Long is the Recovery for Dental Implant Surgery?

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 11/15/2022

Recovery after dental implant surgery is a little different for everyone. However, it typically takes between 3 and 6 months.


Stay on Top of Your Oral Health With 3D Oral Imaging

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 10/15/2022

Stay on top of your oral health with early preventive care, including 3D oral imaging.


These Common Signs Suggest You May Need a Root Canal

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 09/15/2022

Learn about the signs you should look for if you are concerned that you may need root canal treatment.


What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 08/15/2022

The term dental emergency covers a broad range of issues that affect your teeth. Many are caused by trauma to your mouth.


What Is the Best Option to Get Straighter Teeth For My Children?

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 07/15/2022

Invisalign treatment® can straighten your kids’ teeth. Find out more about this alternative to braces and how they work in Hewitt, TX here.


What Can I Eat After Dental Implant Surgery?

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 06/15/2022

Dental implants can help restore how well your smile looks and feels, but be sure to watch how you eat after the surgical procedure.


Three Signs You Need Dental Fillings

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 05/15/2022

A dental filling is a common dental procedure that can protect your teeth and keep cavities from progressing.


Can You Get Dental Sealants If You Have Cavities?

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 04/15/2022

Dental sealants are protective materials that will protect your teeth, including ones that already have cavities.


Five Reasons to Consider Invisalign® Treatment Over Traditional Braces

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 03/15/2022

Invisalign treatment options are ideal for patients of all ages in Hewitt, TX who want to transform their smiles.


Why It’s Important For Your Kids to Have Regular Dental Visits

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 02/15/2022

Kids in Hewitt, TX require dental visits every six months to ensure their baby teeth are healthy and their adult teeth can grow well.


New Year, New You. Fix Your Smile With Invisalign® Treatment

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 01/18/2022

Invisalign treatment is an exciting and innovative solution to straighter teeth with less hassle and time.


Transform Your Smile With Dental Implants

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 12/08/2021

Dental implants are ideal for people with missing teeth, but it's the way these implants can work that is worth exploring.


How Long Are Dental Sealants Supposed to Last?

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 11/04/2021

Dental sealants are a thin protective coating that is necessary for preserving the teeth from bacteria and decay.


Are My Food Choices Making My Invisalign® Trays Turn Yellow?

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 10/07/2021

It’s important to be mindful of some foods you consume to prevent your teeth and Invisalign trays from turning yellow.


Will It Be Hard to Chew Food After Dental Implant Surgery?

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 09/10/2021

Dental implant surgery is easy, but it’s the chewing afterward that can be challenging. Your recovery process will depend on you.


It's Time to Schedule Your Child's Back-to-School Dental Visit

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 08/10/2021

Schedule your child's dental visit so you can send your child back to school with a bright, fresh smile.


How to Care for Your Dental Wellness Between Oral Exams

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 07/30/2021

To secure your oral wellness, learning ideal approaches can help reduce a lot of problems between biannual visits.


How Are Medical Problems Linked to Periodontal Disease?

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 07/23/2021

Gum disease doesn't just affect your oral wellness, but it has been linked to more problematic illnesses, like heart disease.


Does a Smile Makeover Improve My Bad Bite?

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 07/16/2021

If the look of your smile has you feeling unconfident, a smile makeover by our dentists will help you enjoy a beautiful smile.


6 Reasons to Select Invisalign® Treatment Instead of Braces

The ACE Dental of Hewitt Team | 07/09/2021

People who desire an even, gorgeous smile without hassle might choose customized Invisalign aligners.


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