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How Long After Teeth Cleaning Can I Eat?

Jun 15, 2024155 Views

Your oral health can significantly improve if you keep up with your dental hygiene, and regular sessions of professional teeth cleanings are one way to ensure that happens. One of the questions patients ask is: How Long After Teeth Cleaning Can I Eat? We will talk about it in this blog!

My Crown Fell Out, but It Doesn’t Hurt

May 30, 2024117 Views

Do you have a weak, discolored, or damaged tooth? Your dentist might suggest a tooth crown that will cover the affected tooth and protect it from outside factors while blending in with your natural smile. Your dental crown can last for several years, even a lifetime, if you maintain proper oral care.

Why No Dairy After Dental Implant?

May 15, 2024416 Views

Dental implants take center stage as the sought-after tooth replacement option. If you are eligible for an implant surgery, the implant specialist will proceed with the procedure. After the surgery, they will provide you with aftercare instructions, which include restrictions on your diet, such as avoiding dairy. So, why no dairy after a dental implant? Carry on reading to learn.

How Long Does A Dental Bridge Last?

Apr 30, 2024259 Views

If you have missing teeth, there are multiple options you can look at for replacement. Your dentist will help you determine which teeth replacement options are the most suitable for you. Among these, you will come across dental bridges. But how long does a dental bridge last?

Does Invisalign Work?

Apr 15, 2024625 Views

You may have heard about the marvels of clear aligners. Invisalign may be a sought-after treatment, but it might not be effective for everyone. So, does Invisalign work? Carry on reading to learn if Invisalign is the right choice for you.

When Can I Brush My Teeth After Tooth Extraction?

Mar 30, 2024473 Views

Tooth extractions can be painful, and proper aftercare instructions are essential for a quick recovery. You may have to restrict a few activities while maintaining healthy dental practices. Many patients ask the question: when can I brush my teeth after tooth extraction? Carry on reading to learn.

What Happens if You Don’t Brush Your Teeth

Mar 15, 2024651 Views

We all know how important brushing our teeth is. But do you know the consequences of not keeping up with your oral hygiene can be much worse than you think? So, what happens if you don’t brush your teeth? Carry on reading!

What Causes Tooth Pain During Pregnancy

Feb 29, 20241125 Views

Pregnancy can bring forth many changes in the body; the pregnant person might experience discomfort. Many symptoms you may not even connect with pregnancy, such as unbreakable tooth pain. Yes, you can experience tooth pain during pregnancy for different reasons. In this blog, we will explore what causes the pain and what you can do about it.

Is Gum Disease Curable?

Feb 15, 2024915 Views

When we think of oral health issues, people usually do not think beyond cavities and lost teeth. However, your gums are also a part of your mouth, and they might need special care. Gum disease is a serious condition that requires immediate attention. You will need to consult an expert periodontist to deal with gum disease and manage the symptoms. So, is gum disease curable? We will tell you in this blog.

Tooth Sensitivity After Crown — What Could it Be?

Jan 30, 2024923 Views

When you have a weak or vulnerable tooth, your dentist might suggest opting for a dental crown to cover and protect it from outside factors. However, you might experience tooth sensitivity after the crown, which is not a rare occurrence. You will experience minor discomfort and sensitivity following the dental implant procedure. In this blog, we will mention the causes, tips, duration, etc., related to dental crown procedures. Continue reading!

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