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Is Gum Disease Curable?

Feb 15, 202481 Views

When we think of oral health issues, people usually do not think beyond cavities and lost teeth. However, your gums are also a part of your mouth, and they might need special care. Gum disease is a serious condition that requires immediate attention. You will need to consult an expert periodontist to deal with gum disease and manage the symptoms. So, is gum disease curable? We will tell you in this blog.

Tooth Sensitivity After Crown — What Could it Be?

Jan 30, 2024146 Views

When you have a weak or vulnerable tooth, your dentist might suggest opting for a dental crown to cover and protect it from outside factors. However, you might experience tooth sensitivity after the crown, which is not a rare occurrence. You will experience minor discomfort and sensitivity following the dental implant procedure. In this blog, we will mention the causes, tips, duration, etc., related to dental crown procedures. Continue reading!

How Long Do Veneers Last? All You Need to Know

Jan 15, 2024258 Views

Veneers for teeth are an excellent choice when you want to boost your smile and confidence. They cover the flaws of your teeth, and you can enjoy the results for a considerable amount of time, given that you maintain the proper care. However, even with proper maintenance, how long do veneers last?

Is it Possible to Control What You Say After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Dec 30, 2023376 Views

When your wisdom teeth come in, they exhibit many painful symptoms. Sometimes, they come in at the wrong angle, and your dentist will have to extract the wisdom tooth to prevent additional issues. During the process of your wisdom tooth removal, your dental specialist will administer anesthesia to ensure you do not experience any pain or discomfort. In some cases, dentists or oral surgeons use a type of anesthesia that makes you unconscious, and you might be in a state of confusion after “waking up”. This brings up the question: can you control what you say after wisdom teeth removal? Read this blog to learn more before you visit a dentist for wisdom tooth extraction!

What is the Cost of Dental Sealants?

Nov 30, 2023648 Views

Back teeth are pretty vulnerable to decay and other dental issues. Since children are not keen on proper oral care, dentists suggest dental sealants to protect their teeth, but you can receive them later as well. In simple terms, you can describe dental sealants as thin coatings that a dentist applies to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. In addition, one can also receive dental sealants on the back surfaces of their front teeth. By doing so, you protect your teeth from bacteria, acid, and food particles. But how much does dental sealant cost? Read this blog to find out.

How Long Should Kids Brush Their Teeth?

Nov 15, 2023444 Views

Dental care starts from the moment your child’s first tooth erupts. You can visit a pediatric dentist to learn how to take care of your children’s teeth. Kids love to eat sweets, so it is extremely important to teach them all about brushing and flossing. So, how long should kids brush their teeth? Continue reading to learn!

An Insight on Smoking After Tooth Extraction

Oct 30, 20231483 Views

It is not exactly ideal to have an entire tooth removed, but it becomes necessary in some cases. This can be fairly hard on many people, especially smokers, because the patient is required to strictly follow the aftercare instructions after the tooth extraction procedure. Smoking after tooth extraction is a big no-no! So, when can you smoke after you undergo the tooth removal procedure? Read this blog to learn.

What Can I Eat After Dental Implant Surgery

Oct 15, 2023626 Views

Are you scheduled for dental implant surgery? By planting a titanium post in your jaw, this surgical treatment will lead to better dental health and restore teeth function for you. But, before you encounter all the amazing benefits of dental implants, you will have to survive the recovery period.

How Often Do Dental Fillings Need to Be Replaced

Sep 30, 2023793 Views

When tooth decay threatens to damage your teeth, a dental filling can come to the rescue. After removing the damaged area, the dentist will use a suitable material to fill in your affected tooth. This way, the dentist can restore your damaged tooth in terms of function as well as experience.

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