How Cosmetic Dental Solutions Serve to Create a Luminous Smile

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Most Hewitt, TX patients think of seeing the dentist as just routine exams and twice-yearly cleanings. Despite this, there are countless treatments performed these days that could target cosmetic problems, such as stains, crooked teeth, chips, and more. In addition to leaving with healthier teeth, you may also get a brand new smile. Our team at ACE Dental of Hewitt performs many wonderful procedures to improve multiple aesthetic complications.

Smile makeover

A smile makeover treatment plan consists of a handful of aesthetic dentistry procedures that will beautify your smile. A few of the procedures comprised in this customized makeover are teeth whitening, bonding, changing old fillings, orthodontics, or porcelain veneers. Your smile makeover is personalized based on your individual goals. Cosmetic dental care has grown a great deal in the last few years, and the smile makeover has proven to be life-changing for so many patients.

Cosmetic bonding and contouring with tooth-colored resin

Dental bonding and contouring is a suitable solution for those that strive to correct fractured or yellowed teeth while not having to undergo an intensive dental operation. This accessible procedure requires the adhesion of tooth-colored composite resin to the native teeth in order to cover up imperfections. Cosmetic bonding and contouring serves to fix spaces between the teeth, as well as elongate the teeth to provide a more uniform appearance.

In-office or at-home teeth lightening

Professional teeth whitening is a frequently sought-after treatment by patients at our Hewitt, TX facility. This treatment instantly improves your smile, making it whiter. Several individuals desire this treatment if they have noticeable yellowing throughout their teeth as a result of smoking or drinking coffee or wine. Your dentist will suggest the technique that will be best for your needs based on the level of yellowing, as well as the condition of your teeth.

Modern fillings

An excellent substitute for aged metal fillings is fillings with composite resin. These are the type of fillings that our team at ACE Dental of Hewitt utilizes to improve the teeth and seal cavities. Composite fillings are crafted with biocompatible substances and are better options. In addition to these benefits, they are matched to the color of your other teeth and blend in seamlessly. If you require a filling replaced, or if you’d like to substitute out your aged metal ones, composite fillings are a reliable alternative to think about.

Dental veneers

After a single session alone, cosmetic veneers might elevate your smile. Our Hewitt, TX dental practitioners like to use porcelain veneers instead of tooth-colored resin because porcelain can withstand staining and is long-lasting. The technique for placing porcelain veneers involves the dentist removing a small amount of enamel from your real teeth. Your veneers are then permanently set on your teeth. The finished outcome is a beautiful, glowing, even smile that covers up any of your old oral insecurities.

Learn which options can enhance the appearance of your smile

In case you’d like to learn more about effective cosmetic dental treatments, contact our Hewitt, TX facility to book a consultation. You'll see one of our highly trained dentists who will take a look at your oral problems, learn if you’re an ideal candidate for a particular procedure, and create a unique dental program so you can receive the smile you want. Our team wants to meet with you and offer you a number of reasons to smile happily.

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