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What are digital Dental X-Rays?

Dental x-rays are essential for gaining an in-depth understanding of your oral health and detecting conditions that cannot be seen with the naked eye. To help make this diagnostic process safer, more comfortable, and more effective, ACE Dental of Hewitt proudly utilizes a digital x-ray system. Digital x-rays (radiographs) are generally taken during routine exams and some dental procedures to allow our general dentists a highly detailed look at the interior portions of your teeth and jaw. Dental x-rays can reveal bone loss, cysts, cavities between teeth, tooth impactions, and other issues that may otherwise remain undetected. When such oral conditions can be diagnosed early on, the treatment options are often more conservative and less costly. Visit our modern Hewitt, TX practice for more on how our skilled team utilizes digital imaging to bring effective care and convenience to your family's oral health.

Who should get Digital x-rays?

Digital x-rays can be ideal for children and adult patients. As a vital part of routine dental exams, certain procedures, and emergency visits, x-rays provide us insight into the extent of many oral health issues. These digital images can show decay under restorations and between teeth, tooth abscesses, impacted or unerupted teeth, tooth misalignment, curved roots, cysts, tumors, and more. While digital imaging produces much less radiation than traditional x-rays and is considered safe for most individuals, our Hewitt, TX team prefers to minimize patient exposure whenever possible. Those who could be or who are pregnant are advised to let us know beforehand so precautions can be taken.

How do dental x-rays work?

At ACE Dental of Hewitt, we take digital x-rays on a preventive basis (at exam and cleaning visits), as necessary to complete dental treatments, and to assess emergency needs. With our digital system, the x-ray process generally takes less than five minutes and is considered to be more comfortable than traditional methods by many patients. To take your x-rays, our team will place a small digital sensor in your mouth, between your teeth and tongue. Once taken, the image will be visible on our computer monitor within seconds. One of our dentists will then review your images with you and explain any concerns or treatment needs.

How often should you get x-rays at the dentist?

A set of bitewing x-rays are generally taken once a year to allow our team to detect cavities and bone loss in the jaw. A panoramic or full set of x-rays showing your entire mouth may be recommended every 3 – 5 years so we can evaluate the health of your jaw, screen for orthodontic needs, or identify other dental concerns. Should you have a toothache, broken tooth, or similar acute issues, we may take a periapical x-ray to assess the tooth and surrounding area. Dental x-rays are kept in your digital patient file and used as necessary to complete your care and monitor changes in your health.

what do radiographs cost?

Dental radiographs are often covered at certain intervals by the majority of dental insurance plans. Because insurance coverage and benefits may differ among providers, we will review your individual policy and inform you of any anticipated out-of-pocket costs. To make your care as affordable as possible, ACE Dental of Hewitt takes a range of payment methods, including flexible medical financing plans.

protect your teeth With Digital Imaging

Our Hewitt, TX team is committed to providing all patients with excellence in state-of-the-art dentistry. We proudly use digital imaging to screen for tooth decay, jaw concerns, and other issues as early as possible so we can address any needs that may be affecting your comfort and health. Schedule a visit at ACE Dental of Hewitt for more on how digital x-rays can help keep your smile healthy and beautiful!

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