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what is fluoride treatment?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring element proven to help strengthen teeth and reduce the risk of tooth decay (cavities) among patients. While it is found in certain foods and beverages, fluoride is also added to some public drinking water supplies, which has been effective at helping residents experience fewer problems with tooth decay. The importance of fluoride to dental health has been recognized by the ADA (American Dental Association), the World Health Organization (WHO), the American Medical Association (AMA), and other medical groups. At ACE Dental of Hewitt, we provide fluoride treatments during dental exam and cleaning visits to help patients of all ages protect their oral health against cavities. For more on how fluoride might benefit your family's oral health, schedule a visit with one of the general dentists at our Hewitt, TX facility today!

who should get fluoride treatment?

Professional fluoride treatments can be administered to children and adults. However, they are usually given to younger patients whose teeth are developing and individuals who may not have established a good oral care routine at home. Our dentists may also suggest fluoride treatments for patients who do not have fluoride in their drinking water or who are more susceptible to tooth decay. In some cases, fluoride may be applied to help protect root surfaces exposed by receding gums or to minimize tooth root sensitivity. Fluoride treatments may also be recommended for Hewitt, TX patients who wear braces, which can make maintaining good oral hygiene more of a challenge.

how does fluoride treatment work?

Professional fluoride treatments are usually performed immediately after a routine dental cleaning and exam. At ACE Dental of Hewitt, we may offer fluoride in a variety of flavors and formulations to make these treatments even more pleasant for all patients. As soon as you select your flavor, we will prepare the treatment as a paint-on fluoride varnish, rinse, gel, or foam. The treatment will be left on for 1 – 4 minutes, allowing the fluoride time to sink into the enamel before being removed. Suction may be used to help clear your mouth after the treatment, but you may need to wait for at least half an hour before eating, drinking, or rinsing your mouth.

what happens after fluoride treatment?

If any of the fluoride is swallowed during the treatment, nausea and vomiting may occur. However, this should subside within about 24 hours. For certain patients, our dentists may prescribe fluoride tablets to use at home between treatments. Since fluoride can be harmful in high amounts, we encourage adults to be cautious and prevent children from accessing supplements. Professional fluoride treatments help to strengthen the enamel, but it is still important to maintain good oral care at home, including brushing with a fluoridated toothpaste and flossing daily. Our team will continue to assess your fluoride needs during your routine dental cleaning and exam visits at ACE Dental of Hewitt.

what does fluoride treatment cost?

Many dental insurance companies cover fluoride treatments for younger patients, but these treatments for adults may not always be insured. We will work with your insurance company to maximize any benefits before determining your personal expenses for your care. For patients without dental insurance or with out-of-pocket costs, ACE Dental of Hewitt accepts a variety of affordable payment methods to help make getting quality care even more convenient.

prevent cavities with fluoride treatments

Keep your family's teeth healthy and strong with professional fluoride treatments at ACE Dental of Hewitt. Our experienced dental experts often suggest fluoride treatments to help children, teens, and adults minimize their risk of tooth decay and future dental needs. Contact our office in Hewitt, TX to schedule a professional dental cleaning and exam with a fluoride treatment and start on the path to lasting oral health!

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