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What is Root Canal Treatment?

Tooth decay or damage is often addressed with a simple filling or another form of treatment when detected and managed in the early stages. But if bacteria are able to access the core layer of a tooth (pulp), root canal treatment is usually required to save the tooth and prevent the infection from impacting your systemic health. A root canal is a routine procedure provided at ACE Dental of Hewitt to extract contaminated pulp tissue, disinfect the area, and strengthen the damaged tooth to improve its health and function. If you have an abscessed tooth, oral pain, or other symptoms, please schedule a visit with one of our general dentists to learn if root canal therapy at our Hewitt, TX facility might help. We work to ensure patient comfort throughout this procedure and can pair it with nitrous oxide sedation for a more relaxing dental experience.

Do I Need a Root Canal?

A tooth may become damaged from an injury or infected by bacteria that reach the inner pulp through severe tooth decay or a deep crack. In these instances, our dentists may take an x-ray and conduct an oral exam to determine if a root canal or another procedure is required to treat your tooth and improve its health. Common signs that might suggest you need a root canal include:

  • A sharp or throbbing toothache
  • Discomfort when biting
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Swelling of the jaw or gums
  • A pimple-like bump on the gums
  • Color change of a tooth following an injury
  • Pressure in the jaw
  • An abscessed tooth

What is The Root Canal Process?

Our caring team will take special measures to ensure your comfort throughout your root canal treatment. At ACE Dental of Hewitt, root canals are performed under local anesthesia and may be coupled with nitrous oxide sedation for increased comfort. As soon as the area is numb, a rubber dam will be placed to protect your oral structures. A tiny opening will be created in the top of the tooth to allow our team to access the inflamed pulpal tissue. The inner canals will be reshaped using special endodontic tools and thoroughly sanitized. We will then seal the tooth with a sedative filling and allow it to fully recover.

What Can I Expect AFter My Root Canal?

Any dental pain you were feeling prior to your endodontic therapy should begin to fade once the root canal is complete. Nonprescription pain relievers might also be used to minimize any discomfort that occurs after your procedure. Our team will arrange a follow-up visit a couple of weeks later so we can gauge your recovery progress. Teeth treated with root canal therapy are more vulnerable to damage and may need the protection of a dental crown when they are fully healed. During your routine visits at ACE Dental of Hewitt, our dentists will continue to monitor the condition of your root canal-treated tooth.

Does Insurance Pay for A Root Canal? 

Root canal therapy is often covered in part by most dental insurance plans. A member of our financial team will contact your provider to help maximize your benefits and inform you of any extra out-of-pocket costs. At ACE Dental of Hewitt, our team accepts multiple convenient payment options and may be able to help you apply for low-interest dental financing solutions.

Root Canal Therapy FAQ

Is root canal therapy painful?
Root canal therapy in Harker Heights, TX shouldn't cause much discomfort. With advanced endodontics techniques and technologies, along with the numbing we provide before your treatment, you shouldn't experience any more discomfort than you would during a tooth filling. If you have concerns about the pain or dental anxieties, we can discuss the sedation options we offer if necessary.

What are the alternatives to a root canal?
Unfortunately, the only alternative to a root canal would be to extract your infected tooth. We highly suggest a root canal compared to removing the tooth, as this could cause significant issues to your oral health.

How long does it take to recover from a root canal?
During your one-on-one consultation with our dental team, we'll go over how to care for your teeth after your root canal. If you follow our instructions, your root canal recovery should only last a few days. If you have any questions or concerns about recovering from a root canal, just give us a call!

Save Your Smile

Cracked or infected teeth may cause a host of oral and general health conditions without proper professional care. A root canal at ACE Dental of Hewitt could be a beneficial way to save your tooth, and ultimately, your overall health. Get in touch with our facility in Hewitt, TX to arrange a consultation with one of our skilled dentists and discover more about the benefits of root canal therapy.

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