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What Is Dental Malocclusion?

A misalignment between the top and bottom teeth or jaws is a generalized condition known as dental malocclusion. Occlusion refers to how the upper and lower teeth meet when biting together. When malocclusion occurs, it may result in several functional or orthodontic concerns, such as crooked teeth, crowding, and an overbite, among others. Without professional treatment, these misalignment issues can elevate the risk of periodontal disease, cavities, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, and sleep disorders. The skilled team of general dentists at ACE Dental of Hewitt commonly diagnose dental malocclusion concerns and can recommend orthodontic treatments to help create better alignment for the teeth and jaws. If you or your child may have these oral health concerns, please schedule a visit at our Hewitt, TX facility to learn about your options for care.

Occlusion Classifications

We classify dental occlusion based on how specific teeth in the arches meet when biting together. There are three general class types:

  • Class I is observed when the top arch overlaps the bottom arch in a balanced way. This relationship is generally considered to be "normal" and is often the goal of orthodontic care.
  • With Class II, the top teeth and jaw overlap the lower teeth, making the chin and bottom jaw recede.
  • In Class III, the chin and lower jaw protrude, causing an overlap of the top teeth and jaw.

Signs and Symptoms of Dental Malocclusion

Young children, teenagers, and adults may all be affected by dental malocclusion. This general condition may take the form of an open bite, underbite, overbite, or crossbite. Additional conditions of malocclusion include poorly aligned, crooked, rotated, or crowded teeth. In many cases, teeth and jaw misalignment is a result of genetics, but it may be also be caused by teeth grinding habits, oral trauma, or thumb-sucking. These bite conditions might lead to functional issues (such as difficulty when speaking or eating), and worn, broken, or chipped teeth. Occlusal concerns can also make oral hygiene efforts more difficult, elevate the chance of decay and gum disease, create tension in the jaw joints, and increase the risk of sleep apnea.

How Is Dental Malocclusion Treated?

Dental malocclusion conditions are commonly treated with some form of orthodontic care. These treatments might include traditional braces, clear teeth aligners, or dental appliances, like retainers. For some patients with extensive overcrowding, tooth extractions may be recommended prior to starting orthodontic treatment. At ACE Dental of Hewitt, our skilled dentists use advanced digital imaging to gain greater insight into occlusal concerns and help patients choose the best treatment options for their needs. Our team offers Invisalign as an orthodontic option for teens and adults and may collaborate with trusted specialists to help patients get the care required. In certain instances, such as when the jaw is severely misaligned, a surgical form of treatment may be suggested to help enhance overall oral function.

Following Treatment for Malocclusion

Treatment for dental malocclusion may take place over a span of months or years, especially if orthodontics is involved. A permanent or removable retainer may be necessary to wear once treatment is finished to help keep the teeth in their newly aligned positions. We recommend following a good oral hygiene routine each day to maintain proper oral health both during and after care is complete. When you or your child visit our Hewitt, TX practice for routine dental checkups, we will continue to monitor your treatment progress and overall oral health.

Insurance Coverage for Your Care

Since coverage for orthodontic treatments and other dental malocclusion services can differ among dental insurance plans, we will contact your provider to review your specific benefits. Any out-of-pocket treatment costs will be reviewed with you ahead of time. To make your family's care even more affordable, ACE Dental of Hewitt accepts a range of convenient payment solutions, including special dental financing.

Treat Misaligned Teeth for Better Oral Health

Misaligned teeth and jaws may impact your ability to eat, speak, and smile in comfort and with confidence. Our Hewitt, TX dentists can diagnose dental malocclusion and help you and your family get the quality care needed for a straighter and healthier smile. Schedule a consultation at ACE Dental of Hewitt to explore your treatment options and start on the path to better oral health!

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