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What Is Invisalign Orthodontics?

Teeth that are straight not only offer an attractive focal point for your smile — they are also usually healthier and provide greater comfort when eating or speaking. Common orthodontic problems, like crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth, often result in dental problems that may be more time-consuming or challenging to overcome. For this reason, the general dentists at ACE Dental of Hewitt are thrilled to offer the advanced orthodontic option of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen teeth straightening. This removable aligner system features clear mouth trays that gradually reposition teeth to improve function and appearance. As a discreet option, Invisalign clear aligners are easy to remove and may offer a viable alternative to traditional metal braces. Book a consultation with one of our certified Invisalign dentists in Hewitt, TX, and learn if this option can help you or your teen meet your smile goals!

What Makes Invisalign Teen Aligners Unique?

We understand that many parents may hesitate at the idea of allowing their teenagers the responsibility of wearing removable appliances for orthodontic treatment. The Invisalign Teen system has three specific features that can help keep your adolescent on track to a straight smile:

  • Compliance indicators: There is a blue spot on the back portion of the aligners that wears off with usage. This can help our Invisalign providers determine if the aligners are being worn as recommended (20 – 22 hours each day) to achieve treatment results. Non-compliance may mean that your teen will have to undergo therapy for a longer amount of time.
  • Eruption tabs: The manufacturers of Invisalign aligners know that some teen patients may be ready to start orthodontic care before all of their molars have fully grown in. They have created the aligners with special eruption tabs that leave space for the last molars to erupt. This unique feature lets these molars emerge without causing crowding among other teeth.
  • Extra replacement aligners: We plan for mishaps and missing aligners by building six substitute aligners in your adolescent's treatment plan. Accidents happen, and we all misplace things from time to time. Please call our Hewitt, TX dental office if you have any concerns or your teen needs a replacement aligner.

Are You a Good Candidate for Invisalign Aligners?

There are many factors and conditions that may influence the alignment of your teeth, from genetics and thumb-sucking as a child to missing teeth and trauma to the face. Misaligned teeth can cause a range of oral health issues, including an uneven bite, worn teeth, discomfort when speaking and chewing, oral pain, and poor self-esteem. Invisalign orthodontics may be ideal for teens and adults who desire straighter teeth without the challenges often faced with bracket and wire braces. As a removable option, Invisalign clear aligners can also be beneficial for those who play instruments or sports. The Invisalign and Invisalign Teen systems can help treat orthodontic issues, like:

  • Narrow arches
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Overcrowding
  • Open bite or overbite
  • Underbite or crossbite

How Does Invisalign Teeth Straightening Work?

Invisalign and Invisalign Teen aligners are made from a durable, clear material and gradually align your teeth through a series of customized mouth trays. We will start the Invisalign process by taking easy iTero® digital impressions of your mouth and sending these images to the Invisalign lab, where your custom aligners will be made. When they are ready, we will have you return to ACE Dental of Hewitt to receive your initial trays with instructions from our team. You will need to keep your aligners in at least 20 – 22 hours every day, ideally taking them out only before cleaning your teeth, drinking, and eating. Every 1 – 2 weeks, you will be advised to move on to your next set of trays as they gently shift your teeth closer to their proper positions.

What Happens After Orthodontic Treatment?

We will help you or your teen set up visits every other month so our team can track your orthodontic progress. While treatment times differ among cases, patients undergo Invisalign treatment for 6 – 24 months on average. Once your bite is in alignment, it is crucial to keep your teeth from moving into their original locations by using orthodontic retainers. Invisalign Vivera® orthodontic retainers are made with the same materials based on an iTero impression taken at the end of your treatment. Once your Invisalign retainers arrive at our Hewitt, TX office, we will have you return to try them in and will discuss how to wear and care for these appliances. Our dentists will continue to watch the alignment of your teeth and bite during your routine visits.

Does Insurance Cover Invisalign Treatment?

Teeth straightening aligners for Hewitt, TX, patients may be covered in part under some dental insurance plans. Our office will review your coverage and determine any out-of-pocket fees. ACE Dental of Hewitt proudly accepts several convenient payment methods. At your initial consultation, we can discuss your estimated costs and how our office might help to make your treatment more affordable, including payment plans and special financing.

Invisalign FAQ

What are some of the benefits of Invisalign clear aligners?
Many of our teen and adult patients love Invisalign teeth aligners. Not only are they virtually invisible, but they are comfortable to wear throughout the day. Without metal brackets, they don't irritate the inner lips or cheeks. Additionally, they can be taken out before eating as well as brushing which makes brushing teeth much easier.

How do I clean my Invisalign clear aligners?
Cleaning your Invisalign aligners is pretty easy. The most effective method is to use warm water and Invisalign Cleaning Crystals (or another type of cleaning tablet). The aligners can get stained, so it's important to brush your teeth after eating and before putting your aligners back in to help keep them clean and clear.

Are Invisalign treatments better than traditional braces?
Clear aligners in Hewitt, TX are often preferred by our patients compared to traditional braces because of how convenient they are. Removing them before eating, brushing, and contact sports is a desirable advantage to Invisalign aligners. However, there may be some cases where traditional braces are the more appropriate option. Our dentists can help you determine the ideal solution for your unique needs.

Get Straighter Teeth With Clear Aligners

Improvements in orthodontic processes have paved the way for a more comfortable, less noticeable teeth straightening option. Invisalign and Invisalign Teen aligners from ACE Dental of Hewitt may be a great way for you or your family members to overcome crooked teeth, gaps, or a range of bite issues. Book a personalized visit at our dental office to meet with a certified Invisalign dentist in Hewitt, TX, and take the first step toward your new smile!

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