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What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a tooth replacement option that closely replicates natural tooth structures. With the ability to replace any number of teeth, implants consist of artificial titanium tooth roots that fuse with the jawbone and can offer long-term tooth replacement results. These posts can then be used to support lifelike implant-retained crowns, bridges, or dentures, which replace the visible portions of missing teeth. Dental implants from ACE Dental of Hewitt can help bring stability, function, and a natural-looking appearance back to your smile after tooth loss. To learn if implant dentistry might be a good tooth replacement solution for you, please book a consultation at our full-service Hewitt, TX practice!

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants may replace any number of missing teeth, ranging from a single tooth to an entire arch. You may be a good candidate for implants if you have lost teeth, need tooth extractions, or are unhappy with your current tooth replacement. To function, implants require proper bone mass, healthy gum tissues, and a stable dental environment. In some instances, patients may need a bone graft (to prepare the mouth for implants) or tooth extractions before they qualify as good implant candidates. Implants may not be ideal for those who are pregnant, use tobacco, or have particular health conditions. At your consultation, our team can help you explore all of your tooth replacement options and decide if an implant-based solution is right for you.

What Is the Treatment Process?

To plan out your procedure, our skilled dentists will take advanced digital images of your teeth and jaw. Once the area is ready for surgery, it will be numbed with a local anesthetic. Nitrous oxide sedation may also be used to help you feel more relaxed throughout your appointment. The posts will be strategically secured within the bone at the precise locations and given time to fuse with the jaw. As soon as the implant sites have totally recovered (typically 6 – 9 months afterward), our team will take an iTero digital impression for our lab to use when creating your custom implant crown, bridge, or denture. We will then attach your restoration to your implants and make any necessary adjustments for comfort.

Recovery Following Implant Placement

It is common to experience some swelling, tenderness, or bruising after implant surgery. Prescription or over-the-counter pain medication and cold packs can help address any post-op discomfort. When the titanium posts have integrated with the bone tissue and your custom restoration is positioned, it is important to stick to a good dental hygiene regimen with exceptional tooth brushing and flossing each day. When you visit ACE Dental of Hewitt for your routine dental visits, we will utilize special dental instruments to clean the implants and assess the condition of your tooth replacements.

Insurance Coverage for Implants

A portion of your dental implant treatment or restoration could be covered by dental insurance, depending on your plan. A member of our office staff will reach out to your provider to help you get the most from your benefits before calculating any out-of-pocket expenses. At ACE Dental of Hewitt, we want all patients to receive excellent treatment for their dental health and take an array of convenient payment solutions, including low-interest financing plans. To learn more about these options, please reach out to our friendly team today.

Explore the Benefits of Implant Dentistry

If you have lost natural teeth or are looking for a long-term tooth replacement, we would love to help you explore the option of implant dentistry! Dental implants replace missing teeth by bonding with the jawbone to offer stable support for a custom implant denture, bridge, or crown. Schedule a personalized consultation at ACE Dental of Hewitt to learn if dental implants or other tooth replacement options are ideal for your smile.

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