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What Are Tooth Extractions?

At ACE Dental of Hewitt, our well-trained general dentists make every effort to preserve your natural teeth and help you maintain a healthy smile. But there are cases in which a tooth or teeth might need to be extracted. A simple extraction takes out a tooth that is fully visible in the mouth. Surgical extractions remove teeth that are unerupted or otherwise difficult to remove, such as impacted wisdom teeth or teeth well-anchored to the bone. Whatever the reason for needing a general tooth extraction or wisdom teeth extractions, our caring dentists and staff provide patients of all ages with the best possible care. We take extra steps to help ensure your comfort and offer nitrous oxide sedation, which can help you remain calm and comfortable throughout your treatment. If you or a loved one require an extraction and are looking for extractions near you in Hewitt, TX, please get in touch with our friendly family practice.

When Should a Tooth Be Removed?

There may be times when removing a tooth might offer the best option for improving oral health. Adults, teenagers, and kids may all be candidates for a tooth extraction at some point in their lives. Children may need to have baby teeth removed to avoid blocking permanent teeth while adolescents might require tooth removal to aid in orthodontic treatments. Our ACE Dental of Hewitt team may suggest dental removal for a number of other oral issues, including infected or abscessed teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, severe tooth decay, advanced bone loss due to gum disease, or irreparably broken or fractured teeth.

When Are Wisdom Teeth Extractions Necessary?

Positioned in the back corners of the mouth, the wisdom teeth (or third molars) are the final set of teeth to emerge into the mouth. Wisdom teeth extractions are common among patients ages 17 – 21, as this is often when these teeth begin the eruption process. In some instances, wisdom teeth may be impacted and unable to erupt properly. At other times, there may be insufficient space in the mouth to accommodate the eruption of these teeth. The wisdom teeth can also impact the health of neighboring teeth, be misaligned, and become difficult to maintain, which can increase the risk of cavities and gum disease. Our experienced oral surgeon in Hewitt, TX, is proud to offer wisdom teeth extractions for patients.

How Is a Tooth Extracted?

Dental extractions at ACE Dental of Hewitt are performed under local anesthesia in one of our comfortable treatment rooms. Though we take a gentle approach, we can often provide nitrous oxide sedation to help you stay relaxed or alleviate any worries. To perform a simple dental removal, our dentists will loosen the tooth using a special device called an elevator and gently lift it out of your jaw. A surgical extraction, such as for wisdom teeth removal, entails making incisions in your gums to get to the tooth. If necessary, the tooth may be sectioned into smaller pieces so that it can be removed with less impact to surrounding tissues. Our team may then suture the gums to close off the area and provide aftercare instructions to follow as you heal.

What Can I Expect With Tooth Extraction Aftercare?

As your gums heal, you should avoid using straws, smoking, and spitting, particularly following wisdom tooth removal. A member of our staff will speak with you about what to expect during your recovery and how to care for your teeth and gums. We may suggest applying cold compresses to the face and taking over-the-counter pain medication to improve your comfort as you recover. In some cases, a prescription for pain medicine and/or antibiotics may be provided. Along with any follow-up visits, we encourage you to visit ACE Dental of Hewitt for routine care and to maintain continued oral health. Our dentists and oral surgeon in Hewitt, TX, can also help you explore tooth replacement solutions following your extraction procedure.

Are Tooth Extractions Covered by Insurance?

While general tooth extractions and wisdom teeth extractions commonly fall under dental insurance benefits, sedation dentistry may not be completely covered. Prior to your procedure, we will call your insurance carrier to review your particular policy and estimate any out-of-pocket expenses. ACE Dental of Hewitt wants to make quality care accessible to all patients and accepts several affordable payment solutions. Talk with our friendly team today to explore low-interest medical financing and other budget-friendly solutions.

Tooth extractions FAQ

What can I eat and drink after a tooth extraction?
Following a liquid and soft food diet after dental removal is key to staying comfortable. You can follow this for a few days after treatment until the initial soreness has faded. Our oral surgeons in Hewitt, TX, just ask that you don't use straws because the sucking motion can possibly pull out stitches and cause bleeding.

Do tooth extractions hurt?
When you're looking for extractions near you, it is our goal to make you as comfortable as possible. We offer sedation and work carefully to remove the tooth, leaving you with minimal discomfort, if any.

How long will it take to recover from dental removal?
In general, it will take anywhere from two weeks to a month for you to heal. It will be dependent on your specific situation. However, we will send you home with detailed instructions. If you have additional questions, contact our team.

What steps can I take to ensure my gums heal correctly?
If needed, you can use ice packs to reduce your gum swelling after dental removal. You can also use saline water to ruse the gum and eat foods that require less chewing. Schedule an appointment with our oral surgeon in Hewitt, TX, for additional information.

Gentle Tooth Removal for Your Family

While having a tooth removed might not be your top choice, it may be the best treatment option for your health in some cases. At ACE Dental of Hewitt, we offer gentle tooth extraction services to treat wisdom teeth pain, teeth that cannot be restored, and other needs. Our experienced team can also help you select a viable tooth replacement option following your dental removal if needed. For more on general tooth extractions and wisdom teeth extractions in Hewitt, TX, please contact our office today.

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