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What Is a Sinus Lift?

The distinguished team at ACE Dental of Hewitt is excited to offer sinus lift procedures to help aid in the placement of dental implants in the upper arch. A sinus lift (sinus augmentation) is a periodontal procedure that gently moves the maxillary sinus floor to create the space needed for placing a dental implant. When upper tooth loss occurs, the floor of this sinus cavity can expand into the space that tooth roots once occupied and decrease bone mass in the area. This can leave too little bone support to replace this tooth with an implant. To improve a patient's candidacy for implants and provide the bone support needed for success, we offer sinus lift procedures at our Hewitt, TX practice. A sinus lift elevates the sinus cavity floor and fills in the space with healthy bone grafting material. If you need to replace an upper back tooth, talk with our team today for more on how a sinus lift may improve your treatment outcomes.

Is a Sinus Lift Right for You?

You may be an ideal candidate for sinus lift surgery if you wish to replace an upper molar or premolar tooth with a dental implant. Sinus augmentation procedures are commonly recommended for those who lack adequate bone quality or height in the top jaw, the sinus floor has expanded or sits too close to where implants will be positioned, or the sinus cavity is too large in general. When you visit ACE Dental of Hewitt for your consultation, our skilled team will take 3D cone beam images of your sinuses and jaw to learn if a sinus lift can allow for the successful placement of a dental implant.

What Is the Treatment Process?

We perform sinus lift surgery on-site within one of our comfortable treatment rooms. A local anesthetic will be used to numb the area, but nitrous oxide sedation might also be administered if you feel anxious during your visit. To begin, we will make a small incision in your gums toward the back of your top jaw. After retracting the gum tissue to access the jawbone, we will use special instruments and techniques to raise the floor of the sinus cavity. Healthy bone grafting material will be added to fill in this area and help hold the sinus floor in its new location. Your gums will then be sutured and your jaw will be allowed to heal before moving forward with implant dentistry.

Recovery Following Sinus Augmentation

Aftercare instructions will be provided by our caring team following your sinus lift procedure. You may be given a prescription for pain medication to help enhance your comfort as your jaw recovers. We may have you set up a visit about 1 – 2 weeks later to have your sutures removed. In most cases, a bone graft will need several months to fully heal before it is ready to support an implant. Throughout this time, we encourage you to maintain good oral hygiene each day and attend routine checkups and cleanings at ACE Dental of Hewitt to help keep your oral health in ideal condition.

Are Sinus Lifts Covered by Insurance?

Sinus lift surgery may be covered in part under some dental insurance plans. We will be happy to contact your provider ahead of time to review your coverage and will explain any treatment costs to you before your visit. ACE Dental of Hewitt is committed to providing quality dentistry at affordable rates and accepts a variety of payment options for your convenience. A member of our staff can also help you explore and apply for low-interest medical financing solutions.

Elevate Your Chance of Implant Success

Though dental implants are a great way to replace upper teeth, these tooth replacements do need adequate bone support to work best. Our dental experts are proud to offer sinus lifts at our Hewitt, TX practice to raise the sinus and create the space required to promote implant success. To learn more about how a sinus lift might enhance your oral health, please schedule a visit at ACE Dental of Hewitt.

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