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What Are Dental Bridges?

When one or more natural teeth are lost, the effects often reach beyond the aesthetics of your smile. Tooth loss, in any amount, can make it harder to bite, chew, and speak. Surrounding teeth may also begin to move into these open spaces, resulting in changes in your bite, tension in your jaw joints, and additional dental concerns. At ACE Dental of Hewitt, our distinguished general dentists are pleased to offer custom dental bridges as a tooth replacement option. A dental bridge attaches to adjacent teeth or a pair of dental implants to fill in a gap created by a missing tooth. Using advanced expertise, our dentists customize bridge restorations to fit seamlessly within the smile and reestablish a proper biting function. To learn if a bridge or other tooth replacement option can improve your health and smile after tooth loss, book a consultation at our Hewitt, TX facility.

Is a Dental Bridge Right for You?

If you need to replace one or more teeth in a certain area of your mouth, a bridge may be a tooth replacement option to consider. In order to properly support a bridge, the teeth on either side of the open space should be strong and surrounded by healthy gum and bone tissues. Bridges are generally made of three or more dental crowns molded together to form a single restoration. While the ends of the bridge (abutments) fit over the support teeth, the middle area (pontic) fills in the empty space and functions as a false tooth. Bridges may also be attached to dental implants placed in the jawbone, in some instances. We can review your bridge options and materials (such as porcelain, metal, or porcelain fused to metal) at your treatment consultation.

The Treatment Process

At ACE Dental of Hewitt, a bridge is generally placed in a two-visit process. To keep you comfortable, we will numb the treatment area and may be able to provide nitrous oxide sedation to help you feel even more at ease. One of our skilled dentists will then prepare the support teeth by removing some of the enamel, which will allow your bridge to sit flush with surrounding teeth. A digital iTero impression of the area will be taken and forwarded to the dental lab that will craft your custom bridge. Our team will then place a temporary bridge over your teeth to maintain your smile and oral function. You will be scheduled to return about 1 – 2 weeks later to have your new bridge bonded in place or connected to your dental implants.

Caring for Your Tooth Replacement

You should experience a significant improvement in the function and appearance of your teeth once your new bridge is bonded in place. Any necessary adjustments can be made to make certain it offers an even, comfortable bite. Tips on how to floss and brush under and around your restoration will be reviewed by our team. Keeping up with good home care each day is essential since cavities can still develop under your bridge. We will continually monitor the condition of your restoration and overall oral health during your routine preventive visits at ACE Dental of Hewitt. A custom dental bridge may serve your tooth replacement need for several years when cared for in an ideal manner.

Insurance Coverage for Bridges

If you carry dental insurance, a member of our staff will contact your provider to learn about your benefits and coverage. Some insurance plans may cover a portion of tooth replacement restorations, like dental bridges. To help patients get the care they need without financial worries, ACE Dental of Hewitt accepts several affordable payment options, including special financing plans.

Dental Bridge FAQ

How long does it take for my dental bridge to feel normal?
Many of our patients can expect it to take around two weeks for their mouth to adjust to their tooth replacement after getting a dental bridge in Hewitt, TX. During this time, we suggest you avoid extremely hot or cold beverages or foods. We also suggest you use toothpaste for sensitive teeth as this can help reduce pain.

How long will my bridge last?
Your dental bridge can last up to 15 years, or even longer in some cases. The better you maintain your oral hygiene and keep up with your bi-yearly cleanings and annual exams, the longer you can typically expect to see your bridge last. We will check your fixed bridge during each visit.

Can you eat normally with a dental bridge?
Your dental bridge will look, act, and function like the rest of your natural teeth; therefore, there is no reason to limit yourself on food and drinks.

Learn if a Bridge Is Right for You

While you may not be concerned over the appearance of tooth loss, missing even one tooth may bring about several oral health issues. ACE Dental of Hewitt offers custom dental bridge solutions to help patients replace missing teeth with a natural-looking, comfortable option. To learn how a bridge might revitalize your health and complete your smile, set up a personalized visit at our Hewitt, TX facility today!

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